Whatsapp Old Status Feature Coming Back, Company Accepts Failure!

Finally, the company is accepting that the new status feature in Whats-app is not at all a hit. The enhanced feature was a copied version of Snap-chat and Instagram stories. Seems like we are getting back our old status.

Many discontented users posted their disappointment and criticized the company for copying the feature. Also, the users are missing the old text-based status feature.

Keeping in mind the feedback and criticism, Whats-app is gearing up to bring back the old status updates. This means that now users will have an option to choose between old text-based and the new audio/video based status updates.

According to WaBetaInfo (@wabetainfo), a Twitter account that tracks changes in Whats-app’s beta builds, the ‘Info’ section in the app’s beta version will feature an extended menu. Tapping on it will lead the users to the old status menu, which is now renamed as ‘Info’.

It further mentioned that the new changes appear under the Profile section. Earlier, the status was called as Tagline but now it is renamed as ‘Info’.


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