How to Bypass Applock in Android device without password

You may have seen your friends locking their apps on android smartphone by Applock. You may wonder how applock can be bypass without knowing password , is it possible ? 
Yes it is possible , just follow the below simple methods :

Method 1 : Force stop Applock for sometime (preferrable)

  1. Open the Settings > Apps > Downloaded Apps
  2. Search for Applock Application
  3. Click on the Applock Application
  4. You will see Force stop/disable button there 
  5. Just click on it
  6. Now you have successfully hacked applock and you can open any app without password

Remember that you cannot do this if settings are locked 

Method 2 : Uninstall Applock

         Just simply uninstall the Applock application directly from screen .

Follow for more tricks,

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